Peter Carey - Founder of PDP Group

Peter Carey is the Founder of the PDP Group.

Peter started his career as a media lawyer in London, having gained degrees from Nottingham (Law) and Texas (International Business Law). In the 1990s Peter developed expertise in data protection, and was asked to write the UK's first book on the new law, following which Peter developed a significant reputation as an expert lawyer and trainer in data protection compliance.

Foreseeing the explosion of compliance related work, Peter set about building a team of dedicated individuals to create the PDP brand. Companies within the PDP Group provide services to customers in the fields of training, events, recruitment and publishing. 


A personal statement from Peter Carey:

Having attended several mediocre training courses in my career, my objective for PDP Training is to provide customers with a training experience of the highest quality. We therefore work with trainers who are not only the leading experts in their subject, but also those who are excellent communicators. We are committed, via the method of delegate feedback, to constantly evaluate and improve each of our training courses and conferences, so that they are the best available.


The PDP brand stands for value for money, quality and professionalism.

Peter Carey, CEO, PDP Group

Peter Carey
PDP Group

Books authored by Peter include the following:

Data Protection – a practical guide to UK law

Media Law 

Blackstones' Guide to the Data Protection Act